Remedial Works​

Electrical Remedial Works: an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) assesses the safety of an installation. Where certain defects or damage is observed, remedial works are required.

Electrical Remedial Works

Following an EICR, there are generally corrective works required in order that the installation can obtain “Satisfactory” status.

These works can vary greatly from the insertion of blanking plates to plug a hole in a distribution board, through to rewiring an entire installation.

It is for this reason that Premier Compliance Solutions only employs Fully certified/qualified Electricians who possess the skill set required to repair and replace almost any problem.

Premier Compliance Solutions will always look for the safest method of repair whilst at the same time trying to stay conscious of the economic effect to the end user.

Premier Compliance Solutions we will help you achieve Satisfaction with the minimum of pain.